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Red Lion is large-scale hotel brand and booking platform of affordable hotel chains found across the United States and Canada. Beginning in 2019, we were tasked with revamping their entire product to enhance the overall user experience, booking journey, and loyalty program.

Red Lion Hotels Mockup

UX Analysis

Finding The Problems

Beginning in 2019, we took a deep dive through Red Lion's current live product, focusing on all of the problems we could find based on best practices around desktop and mobile user experience and design. Through this analysis we found a large number of UX problems, especially on mobile, that required further attention product-wide, including the booking journey.

UX Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Comparing The Competition

Going into 2020, we began analyzing the top competing hotel chains such as Marriot, IHG, Hilton, and many others by comparing booking journeys, user accounts, content, special offers, loyalty programs and the overall desktop and mobile user experience. By defining the strengths and weaknesses of each chain, we were able to begin concepting a new and streamlined booking experience.

Competitive Analyisis


A New Beginning

We noticed a lot of competitors requiring far too many clicks, taps, and steps for users to find a property, choose a room, and book a reservation. This was also an issue with the current Red Lion product. Through these discoveries, we created a five-step booking journey, eliminating a vast amount of frustrations and focusing on the core goal of the user - booking a room.

UX Step Bar
Red Lion Desktop HomepageRed Lion Mobile Homepage

Brand Loyalty

Adapting The Experience

Research provided by Red Lion showed us that a lot of users who stay at their child properties aren't always familiar with the parent brand. This caused a lot of confusion with their current product because the corporate brand was always front and center, resulting in higher bounce-rates and conversion loss. To solve this problem, we rethought the booking bar to help maintain familiarity with the brand the users wants to book with. By utilizing a familiar interactive element, we could adapt the booking bar with each brand and maintain a consistent design language within the booking experience.

Red Lion Booking BarRed Lion Booking BarRed Lion Booking BarRed Lion Booking BarRed Lion Booking BarRed Lion Booking Bar


Building An Industry Leading Product

The rebuild of was by far the largest project ever completed by the Pegasus team. With nearly two years of research, ideating and design phases, we rebuilt a product that was not only a massive improvement, but an experience that dominations their competition. With the five step booking flow, users can now book their favorite hotel in a matter of seconds.

Red Lion Hotels Mobile Mockups
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup

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