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Compera is a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet geared towards enhancing the experiences around peer-to-peer payments, buying & trading, and interacting with Web3 with a focus on educating users on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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User Persona

Empathizing With The User

We took a look into the current issues around cryptocurrency, it's uses, and broken experiences to define a modern-day user, their needs, wants, and frustrations when utlizing cryptocurrency as a payment method for peer-to-per transactions.

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Journey Map

Defining The Journey

After understanding our user, we dove into creating a journey map in order to further define current needs, potential problems and opportunities throughout a journey of being payed in cryptocurrency.

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Exploring The Current Experience

We discovered a lot of problems within the current cryptocurrency experience. From wallet addresses, to investing, to education - there were plenty of opportunities worth exploring. Through a brainstorming session, we decided to explore four important features to enhance the experience as much as possible.

Wallet Addresses

One major frustration with sending and receiving cryptocurrency is related to wallet addresses and the extreme importance of making sure they are correct. So we concepted DTags, decentralized user tags that connect to the users public wallet address. This would allow users to send payments to other users with a simple username, rather than needing a 20+ character wallet address for each transaction. Since blockchain data is public, this would allow usernames to be created without the need for a traditional login, allowing users to remain completely decentralized and anonymous with the benefits of a centralized payment platform.

Transaction Data

Transaction details are public information found on the blockchain. However, for a user they are extremely hard to understand when using cryptocurrency as a payment method as they provide little data, other than details around the transaction itself and the wallets/smart contracts associated with it. By exploring the capabilities of DTags, we realized we were able to better define transactions with more info for each transaction. With Compera, users could see exactly who they sent and received payments to/from, making transactions more modern and much easier to understand and keep track of.


Another big issue with cryptocurrency is the lack of education for interested or new investors. This creates a huge divide between experienced users and new users. With the Discover Network, we created a system of short lessons created by partners to help educate users on the benefits, capabilities, and more around blockchain, crypto, and other topics related to decentralized finance.

Investing & Trading

Many new users have a tough time figuring out where and how to buy cryptocurrency. By integrating a system such as MoonPay directly into Compera, users can remain decentralized within the wallet itself, while purchasing crypto with their debit cards in a few steps. Also, if experienced users want to trade or exchange crypto, a built-in exchange allows them the freedom to swap crypto within the same product.

User flow

Paving The Path To A Modern Experience

By defining problems and opportunities, we discovered many possible solutions that could be implemented into a traditional decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. In order to better define these solutions, we created a user flow to show the entire path of the user when using the Compera wallet. This included a user on-boarding process, dashboard, wallet and contact screens, and opportunities to buy, trade and pay in crypto within a much more modern, streamlined and natural process.

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Sketching A Concept

After exploring opportunities, we set out to create a low fidelity wireframes covering all top-level screens around the user flow, including an overview, exchange, wallet, and dapps browser for interacting with web3 directly within the wallet.

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Low FiDelity WireFrames


Interacting With A Concept

After finalizing the user flow and low fidelity wireframes, we began the design stage, creating every screen, window, alert, message, etc. within a pixel-perfect design system. Utilizing Figma's built-in prototyping, we combined all of these screens into an interactive prototype to test the user flow and overall product features to further refine the product.


Creating A Modern Crypto Experience

With Compera, we set out to create a cryptocurrency product that has never been created before. Compera is the first multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet built specifically for peer-to-peer payments with a modern user experience. With the DTags (decentralized user tags) feature, users can safely and securely pay friends and family with less frustrations, add contacts, and understand their transactions all while remaining completely decentralized.

Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup
Red Lion Hotels Desktop Mockup

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